Life experiences are forever evolving and developing into special moments in time, full of memories and fascinating experiences. GEM STARTM COLLECTIONS help to shape and mold these precious celebrations and catalogue them into tangible and touchable recollections.

Our extensive brands give birth to these memoirs in various ways.

Our Bridal Collections satisfy the wishes of the discriminating all the way through to the no-nonsense bride of today. We feature state of the art design and engineering practices coupled with precision setting and matching of ingenious diamond combinations to the simple single stone silhouette. You can appreciate these techniques in the Love CutsTM, and Star BrillianceTM collections along with our extensive machine set StarmarkTM wedding band collection. Each collection represents the desires and wants of today's forever evolving Bride and Groom. We feature Couture and Haute Look designs in our Classique BridalTM and Classique Mini BridalTM line. Classique bridals are constructed into silhouettes of timely fashion look with attention to detail, design elements and craftsmanship. Classique Mini Bridal collection is finely engineered engagement ring and wedding band line that is priced with today's market demands. You will find creative and discerning designs in our Love CutsTM. Our Star BrillianceTM collections yield bold and valued silhouettes of multi Diamond Head shape designs that wow the senses in various series of total weights to satisfy all price ranges. The Gem StarTM Towers Stackable Collection allows for playful and creative ways to enhance an engagement ring. This collection is offered in an array of gold colors and stone types permitting the wearer the ability to create combinations unique to their identity. The engagement ring can be enhanced with multiple band combination.

Gem StarTM Fashion Collections answer the call to satisfy self and/or someone special. Our Glittering StarsTM Collection of oscillating diamonds truly embodies the look of glitter, which is precisely what we all love to adorn ourselves with. Coupled with our precision machine set Lumina plate these styles come to life and stretch the imagination. The Lumina plate adds significant volume to the diamond sizes and creates a look of embellished depth. This Lumina plate craftsmanship has yielded another two collections for Gem StarTM called IllusionTM. The Illusion FashionTM jewelry pieces stretch the diamond size as much as 40%. Our Star Light Collection is designed a around a beautiful array of multiple diamonds arranged and set in a systematic and fanciful way to create fashion or bridal statement that expands the imagination. The multiple cluster setting look impressive and brilliant against any backdrop whether it is sported for elegant soiree or a masterful wedding.

Gem StarTM understands the desire to adorn one's self or special someone with fashion statement items that titillate the senses. We have crafted beautifully luxurious products in our Star LuxuryTM line of finely hand crafted jewelry pieces made from the finest metals with exceptional craftsmanship and gem stone selections. Each and every artisan responsible for this collection is attentive to detail and helps in the formation and suppleness of each design. For the value minded clients Gem Star has created the Star significanceTM designs that offer exceptional value in Bridal as well as Fashion products in 14kt / 10kt and 925 Silver. The varieties offered in this collection are able to reach the right look and price for everyone's needs. Our MagnificenceTM collection the diamonds are sealed into innovative glass lens, which magnifies the gem size and beauty. This innovative lens captures and amplifies light to create a glowing, extravagant piece of jewelry from an otherwise modest stone.

Beauty, Craftsmanship, Quality, Fashion and Value are represented in our plethora of brands and designs. When you are ready to make it happens Gem StarTM is the place to visit. Our many concepts will help you to create some of the greatest decisions in your lifetime and make some of the most fun decisions. Let Gem StarTM be the Shining Star in your life.

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